Search and selections


Since 2000 our office has placed 40-45 qualified candidates annually for our international and Hungarian clients. We have developed close relationships with the client companies through the years, thus we are able to find proper candidates for all the vacancies of an organization, from the position of the assisstant to the managing director, as well.

Search methodology

Recruitment, direct request: on the occasion of personal meeting with the decision-maker, finding professionals who match the personality profiles, interviewing them, giving opinion and psychological testing, if needed and then, presenting the materials to the client.

Database search: the selection of the proper candidates from the continuously growing and updated database, which contains more than 200,000 CVs. Interviewing, giving opinion, having candidates fill out psychological tests, evaluating the tests at request.

Advertisement: recommending the selection of the appropriate media (number of subscribers, number of copies, the readers, etc.), designing the text and appearance of the ad, the publication of the ads